About Shamakia

Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, Shamakia attended Frederick Douglass High School. Afterwards having a passion to help others, she attended Lincoln College of Technology were she received her certification in Massage Therapy.  Deep down she always had a passion to up lift and inspire others just like her grandmother would growing up. So, after much thought and prayer she decided to pursue the proper training to fully help others who are in a place that they don't have anyone to talk to. So she completed her training at the Georgia Certified Life Coaching Academy. "I have personally been there so I want to share that story and be able to help others and find that self inspiration that is inside of them." She started Inspirational Rose Coaching as a place where anyone can come and feel comfortable with talking and not be judged. To be able to share their thoughts, dreams and passions and use that for self motivation. "I can't wait to be able to reveal the inspiration that is inside you."