Questions & Testimonials



 The moment I met Shamakia I knew it was something special about her. She took on the task that was difficult for others and that was getting me to open up completely. For years I have struggled with voicing my opinion and letting people "walk over me" so to speak. She worked with me slowly so I could break down the concrete walls I had built around me. She helped me to believe in myself again. To trust myself enough that I am now able to trust someone else even after all the hurt I been through. She helped me see my purpose and go for what I wanted. She is a supporter, a good listener and a great friend. She never judged me or my situations. She always helped me see that everything can always be better if I believe in myself. She never said NO you can't achieve that. And if I failed she encouraged me to get back up and try again. Life is not all failures and she made sure I believed in that. As time went on and I begin to grow more as a person, a woman, and a child of God I truly believe that she was placed in my life in the right time to take on being my life coach. I appreciate all that she has done and continue to instill in me. I can not see myself making this journey without her. 

                                           E. Sims



Thank you so much for my sessions. You are truly a BLESSINGS. All the positive affirmations really blessed me. May God continue to bless your business and service you give..

Denise B.